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Last year I purchased a yearling stud colt. He’s a solid bay out of a black and white spotted stallion and a “red” mare (as the seller listed so could be sorrel or chestnut). He’s never been ridden so the spots can’t be from a saddle issues. Along with never having any form of scalding, rain rot, or other horses biting or chewing on him as he’s stalled 24/7 due to being a stallion. When blanketed last fall he had two white spots show up on his back. About three weeks ago I took it off to groom him and notice the spots had grew in numbers. Once again today I removed the blanket and the other side seems to have obtained four spots along with a spot closer to his tail along with a spot toward the base of his mane. I was wondering if this could be birdcatcher spots or if it’s more so along the lines of lacing. View attachment 1126734
View attachment 1126733
Hello, I noticed you posted this a few months ago, however I came across it because I have a bay Arabian and I just posted today about the same thing...did you ever find out exactly what is causing it and has he gotten more?
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