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I had the vet come out for our first barn visit yesterday, and I had kind of expected to go on preventative adequan for my boy, who's 20 plus years.
I wasn't expecting to be talked out of pursuing proactive means of keeping him sound. He IS sound, better now than when I first got him. I have had him just about 4 months, and when he first came he had a little hitch in his fore on trot.

His history includes cross country when he was younger, and his hocks had been injected once about 8 years ago. We are doing much less intense work than cross country, and plan to continue arena riding, some light jumping, and trail. I would say he gets ridden by me about an hour where we are currently. When we move to an indoor where the footing is better, I anticipate longer rides and some trail for a cool down.

So my question is you wait until you see a problem before you dose with adequan or legend? My understanding is that Adequan kicks in about the 8 week mark and is a longer lasting systemic benefit, but also that it is supposed to be given several times (7-8 every four days?!) Read: expensive. Legend is HA and lasts about 7 weeks in the joints.

The vet suggested I dose him orally with glucosamine ie. Recovery Eq. I am also looking at Eqine Leg Magic.
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