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Will not stand still. How do I fix this?

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A couple days ago I moved Winter to my side of the road (from my brothers side) to be in my field so I could get him used to being alone since I never have anyone to ride with,etc. And he was starting to be buddy sour, barn sour, or whatever you want to call it. Since I have moved him over here he has lost all his ground manners. He rushes up in my space, won't stand still for grooming or anything that would need him to be still, will not let me pick his feet up and if he will he jerks them away or knocks into me. He has also lost all his repect and beginning to be very pushy. I don't know what caused all this all of a sudden as he was fine last week. The only think I can think of is he is reacting to me moving him from his buddies and thinks he thinks I'm going to give up when he acts up but he has another thought coming.. I do however want my nice calm, sane, pleasant to deal with horse back. What can I do? What would you do?

I'm almost at my wits end with all the acting up all of a sudden.. That's not the only things he does though. He never spooked at anything before and now he spooks at the dumbest things, like the chickens coming out of the chicken lot, the dog barking and little things like that. He never spooked at them before.. And he actually reared up this morning when I was leading him in the gate and the dog barked! He has NEVER reared before! I couldn't believe it.

So any advice would be great. He's getting a little hard to handle. It's so crazy though, because a week ago my 4 year old niece was able to lead him by herself. I would never let her now though.

Sorry this got so long. And thanks for any help in advance.
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It is good to hear he is getting better and I too would have suggested to give him some time to adjust. However, you made a good point in saying he was a dominant horse where he came from. You will need to work on the leadership role with him as he has plainly shown you what he will do the next time he gets upset if you allow him to continue being the leader of your new herd.

Practice that ground work and focus on the exercises that help him learn you are the leader. Good luck.
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