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Wintec Pro or Wintec Isabell?

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I'm looking to buy a used Wintec dressage saddle. Not really looking at others for personal reasons.
I have my eye on a few saddles and came across a great deal on an Isabell, which I had thought to be out of my price range so I hadn't even considered it. But now that there's one here I wonder...

I would think that the Isabell would be better obviously because it costs more and also because the seat looks much deeper, but I had also read some reviews where people had said they much preferred the Pro. So what do you think? Has anyone had experiences with both? Or anything?



Thank you so much for your time :D
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I OWN both. My Pro is the newer 2009 version. Both have adjustable gullets, btw. The twist on the Pro is wider - similar to the treeless I used to ride in. I loved the security the Isabell provided on the horse I was leasing - I didn't feel locked in and I was also using the larger knee blocks. The Isabell has the full equisuede and the Pro has the leather like at the bottom flap. The flaps are different sizes, I preferred the shape of the Isabell. The Isabell also have cushion in the knees rolls I think. Isabells almost always come w/ Cair, my Pro did also.

I think it comes down to personal preference. They are 2 totally different seats. I also got the Pro in an 18 and the Isabell in an 18 because they tend to run small.

The saddles are about a $250 difference purchased new.

Both mine are for sale because neither fit my new horse properly tho of the 2 I prefer the Isabell. If you're interested I currently have them on Ebay: eBay My World - shadowanne
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