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Wintec Pro or Wintec Isabell?

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I'm looking to buy a used Wintec dressage saddle. Not really looking at others for personal reasons.
I have my eye on a few saddles and came across a great deal on an Isabell, which I had thought to be out of my price range so I hadn't even considered it. But now that there's one here I wonder...

I would think that the Isabell would be better obviously because it costs more and also because the seat looks much deeper, but I had also read some reviews where people had said they much preferred the Pro. So what do you think? Has anyone had experiences with both? Or anything?



Thank you so much for your time :D
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If you must get a synthetic saddle (I'm assuming you're vegan?) then look around for a good high quality one of a different brand name. Wintec came into the game when there were more synthetic saddles available. There still are more brand names out there, they are just overshadowed by Wintec. I don't like Wintecs.
The Wintec Pro (same model as the picture you posted) has physically left bruises on the skin over my seat bones. It is like sitting on a 2x4 with absolutely no support and trying to keep your back soft enough to absorb impact. It is also a horrifically built saddle that will not place your leg correctly unless you force it underneath you (and then risk bruising your crotch enough to reduce fertility).
The Wintec Isabelle is an OK beginners saddle. It is very secure feeling and while it doesn't really allow you to move, at least when you're on a horse that isn't too "bouncy", it will hold you in a fairly correct position. Buy it at least one inch oversized to avoid the "trapped" feeling and move the blocks to the very front to allow you to sit properly on your seat in the middle of the saddle (as opposed to the back). I also suggest buying a Mattes correction pad with this saddle because it fits only one back type well. Do not get the inflatable version. While it is better than some air systems, it's still an inflatable saddle and it's as cheap as it sounds.

Good luck!
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