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Winter Riding Gloves/Mittens (20F, raynaud’s syndrome)

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Hi all! I need help figuring out gloves for winter riding/tacking up!
ive seen a few other threads about this but none were specific to my circumstances.. so I figured I’d start my own.
so I ride English/jumping, so I need to be able to handle the reins and small tack fairly easily, and with my gelding I need to shorten and extend reins pretty regularly.
i also (yay) raynaud’s syndrome, thankfully pretty minor, but my hands get cold pretty easy.
i ride down to like 20F, and we have an indoor so it’s not wet or anything, but waterproof is always a plus :)

has anyone tried heated glove liners? I like hand warmers but doesn’t really help my fingers.. they don’t need to last more than like 3 hourse at the most, an hour or two at the least..
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I haven't tried the heated gloves yet.

These are the ones I mentioned about Raynauds in the other thread. But I thrash my gloves, I have a hard time spending the money and I'm skeptical.

Over the years I found using wool is the best. It's warm if it gets wet and it's breathable.
I do like my BOT gloves to use as liners in my thicker gloves because it promotes circulation. (And it seems to help with my mild arthritis)
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I wonder too. I didn't know about Raynauds until a couple years ago. I thought it was "normal".
A friend was visiting, we were outside getting her horses unloaded and setup in a pen, it was pretty cold and the windchill. We get inside and my fingers are purple, white and wrinkled up and she says, "oh you have raynauds too".
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