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Winter Riding Gloves/Mittens (20F, raynaud’s syndrome)

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Hi all! I need help figuring out gloves for winter riding/tacking up!
ive seen a few other threads about this but none were specific to my circumstances.. so I figured I’d start my own.
so I ride English/jumping, so I need to be able to handle the reins and small tack fairly easily, and with my gelding I need to shorten and extend reins pretty regularly.
i also (yay) raynaud’s syndrome, thankfully pretty minor, but my hands get cold pretty easy.
i ride down to like 20F, and we have an indoor so it’s not wet or anything, but waterproof is always a plus :)

has anyone tried heated glove liners? I like hand warmers but doesn’t really help my fingers.. they don’t need to last more than like 3 hourse at the most, an hour or two at the least..
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I have raynauds. I have to work in some pretty cold conditions. Sometimes the drive we do tomorrow is -20. So, imagine being on your horse all day in that. You have to have decent gloves.

Yet do I? I don’t like my heated gloves, and I am a big heated things fan girl, but when the battery runs out on those gloves they are miserable cold. Also they are really bulky (mine). How can they be so bulky and retain no heat if the battery dies? I just don’t know. They are like $300 gloves, and I am done wearing them.

So, I wear high quality gloves and throw a hand warmer in them. Yes, the hand warmer does not extend to the fingers, but you can pull your fingers out of the gloves and wrap them around the warmer.

As far as simply putting a ride on my horse or doing chores, the gloves I have are good. I wish I knew the name of this set, I’ll look. It is good as far as feeling reins and holding them, and keeps fingers warm too! I don’t know how it manages without the bulk, but the one issue I have is that the temperature has to be extremely cold, or you do very little physical activity, because your hands sweat. I’ve never had a set of gloves that make my hands sweat. Wet=cold

The tag says 3M thinsulate, but not a name brand. Here they are if you want to search.
Safety glove Glove Black Textile Gesture
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It doesn’t have to be cold for mine to show up @QtrBel. I’d show a picture if I thought to take one. When my autoimmune was bad I would notice the raynauds randomly, and then sometimes it would proceed a seizure. When I get it I rush to fix it. You can end up with frostbite over it, even without it being cold!

It’s only sometimes caused by cold for me personally. I would say less often.
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Do you ever try hot water @Amyrides? Jumping in the bath will almost always turn it around for me.
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