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Winter Riding Gloves/Mittens (20F, raynaud’s syndrome)

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Hi all! I need help figuring out gloves for winter riding/tacking up!
ive seen a few other threads about this but none were specific to my circumstances.. so I figured I’d start my own.
so I ride English/jumping, so I need to be able to handle the reins and small tack fairly easily, and with my gelding I need to shorten and extend reins pretty regularly.
i also (yay) raynaud’s syndrome, thankfully pretty minor, but my hands get cold pretty easy.
i ride down to like 20F, and we have an indoor so it’s not wet or anything, but waterproof is always a plus :)

has anyone tried heated glove liners? I like hand warmers but doesn’t really help my fingers.. they don’t need to last more than like 3 hourse at the most, an hour or two at the least..
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Seems sort of ironic that so many horse people end up with raynaud‘s 😂😂
my trainer told me Sunday when i was thawing my hands on the space heater that she also has it.
maybe people who don’t spend their life outdoors just don’t realize they have it, and it’s actually common among everyone? lol
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mine Gets really bad before having stomach sickness and sometime colds too. Not to mention in the cold 🥶
my trainer said she first noticed it in the middle of summer in her house as a teen. The doctor looked her straight in the eyes and said move to Arizona. She promptly moved to Colorado where we are going to have a balmy 0 degrees all week!! Lol
my small toe sometimes takes hours to return to normal, in my warm house. Sometimes I swear it will fall right off!
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Do you ever try hot water @Amyrides? Jumping in the bath will almost always turn it around for me.
Yes, I do usually try to get in the shower pretty quickly, or I walk around with a hand warmer by my foot When I can’t shower right away.
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