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Winter Riding Gloves/Mittens (20F, raynaud’s syndrome)

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Hi all! I need help figuring out gloves for winter riding/tacking up!
ive seen a few other threads about this but none were specific to my circumstances.. so I figured I’d start my own.
so I ride English/jumping, so I need to be able to handle the reins and small tack fairly easily, and with my gelding I need to shorten and extend reins pretty regularly.
i also (yay) raynaud’s syndrome, thankfully pretty minor, but my hands get cold pretty easy.
i ride down to like 20F, and we have an indoor so it’s not wet or anything, but waterproof is always a plus :)

has anyone tried heated glove liners? I like hand warmers but doesn’t really help my fingers.. they don’t need to last more than like 3 hourse at the most, an hour or two at the least..
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I've had several ads for gloves by a company called Losark pop up. Maybe something to look into or perhaps someone here already has them and can let us know how they perform in the biting cold.
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Not everyone with circulation problems has Raynauds but if you do and you work out in the cold you'll know it. This would be one of those take pictures, slowly warm and call your doctor things.
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Stress is the big one for a friend that has it. She has scleroderma. But when it's shown up with cold she's ended up in trouble.

I mention that not everyone with issue because it seems quite a few (especially women and more with those that have or are around horses) that I know jump to the Raynauds conclusion on their own and without a diagnosis when the reality for them is they were underreported, over exposed and usually water was involved.
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