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working horse too much?

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How much is too much to work with the horse a week?

I work with my horse twice a day (morning and evening).

She was doing really good about letting me put the halter on, but now she just walks away from me if I have the halter in my hand.

She will approach me to see what I'm doing, but once I get the halter ready to put on she starts to walk away.

The most recent thing I have been doing with her is putting a saddle on her back and leaving her tied for a while (no more than 45 min).

I wonder if she just assumes she will be saddled and tied up when she sees the halter and wants nothing to do with it.
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Mine all like to work and will meet you at the gate when they see you coming. Does not matter how much I work them. However I change up what I do when I ride. I also make sure that after the ride they get Bioscaned to make sure the do not get sore and they love that.
What does Bioscanned mean?
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