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He may be halter horse but he looks better balanced to me in the second picture...although still lacking in his shoulders.
The first picture he is over-muscled in his hindend, something I see in many halter who have the HYPP and Impressive genes someplace in their bloodline background.
He has small feet, along with the other issues you have with HYPP be cautious how much you pack on that animal or you may have more problems of a horse who walks of egg-shells of laminitis and founder tendencies...

To me he needs ridden where he goes up and down hill and grade and is a using horse to build a nice balance.
You don't build muscle by just feeding fat food to get bulk...
A horse who jiggles fat to me is not attractive in anything, but one who ripples with sculpted muscle even if it isn't enormous bulk is far nicer a animal to judge.
🐴.. jmo....
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