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One of my friends is organizing the MI division of this, at Ft. Custer. She asked me to post this for everyone to see. =] Below is the information she's gotten from the American Competitive Trail Horse Assn. [ACTHA]. Hope to hear that all of you are going to take part!

Howdy Folks,

By golly how many times do you get to be part of a big deal? I mean a really big, wonderful deal. Not too often, I reckon! Well hot dang here`s your chance! In keeping with ACTHA`s mission to raise much needed funds for Horse Rescues and Charities, thousands of riders all across the USA will be steppin` into their stirrups at exactly the same second to ride in ACTHA sanctioned Competitive Trail Challenges.

Never before has such a group of top-shelf and generous sponsors, organizations and riders come together for such worthwhile cause. Sadly never before has there been so great a need. We at ACTHA know how much the noble horse means to each of you – How much the gallant horse has given to shape the world! Let`s rally together and offer a token of thanks!

You are herewith invited to help set the World Record for Largest Trail Riding Competition! Not just for fun – even though you can count on it bein` a heap of fun – but for all the good it`ll do, too! Round up your family, friends and horse and sign on for this World Record Ride. If we break the record, you`ll not only have done your part to help raise thousands of dollars for deserving horses - All proceeds from this event go directly to Equine Charities - And your name will be listed in the Guinness World Records!

So go to for details and to sign on!

For more information contact;
The American Competitive Trail Horse Association
[email protected]

Guinness World Record® Ride Rocking the USA!

All proceeds going to horse rescues and charities!
Trail rides in every state… all on 6/13/10… now taking entries!

On June 13th SOMETHING WONDERFUL is going to happen…The American Competitive Trail Horse Association (ACTHA) with the help of all trail riders in the United States along with ACTHA’S large loyal sponsorship support from the most impressive names in the industry; WILL BE THE CONDUIT FOR ACCOMPLISHING SOMETHING THAT HAS NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE AND MAY NEVER BE DONE AGAIN!

On June 13th thousands of trail riders with a heart and appreciation of what the horse has done for mankind, will assemble in every state in the union. They will have a gay ole time “casually” competing along a six mile trail near them. Along the trail will be a series of safe, fun and natural trail obstacles. They and their friends will cheer each other on for the best execution of the obstacle possible. Each obstacle is safe and is being judged by helpful trained judges. There will be over 1000 winners from 3 division so there is a spot for everyone! Even those not wishing to “casually” compete. However only those who do compete will be counted in the Guinness Record!


“There are many things that astound me about this attempt” states Tom Scrima, ACTHA’s GM. “I could talk about the incredible generosity of all our sponsors, or the wonderful Guinness people who are working hard alongside ACTHA and the HSUS to make it “OFFICIAL!”

But what touches me most is that over 1,000 volunteers are making it possible for us to raise hundreds of thousands for horse rescues and programs in ONE DAY. The “profits” from this effort would be non-existent were it not for them. The fact that they are dedicating weeks of their time in preparation for this unique ONE TIME event tells me our industry and the horse will continue to thrive and that we will sooner, rather than later, be able to shed the shame of what is happening out there right now! We have thousands of unemployed horses who are in bread lines at overworked and over crowded shelters. The situation is so bad that often the heart break of having to refuse care and basic shelter sends many able bodied horses to the nearest legal slaughter house! No American horse sound, or not, deserves that fate after centuries of service to mankind, especially Americans!

The issue is multi faceted and complicated but on thing is abundantly clear and simple….we MUST restore the value of the everyday horse. He needs a job and ACTHA has thousands of openings!! Good paying jobs earning their rider/owners truly great prizes thanks to the incredible generosity of our sponsors and industry! Never before have I seen more people “walk the talk” and I am thrilled ACTHA is one of the cohesive forces at the vortex of the solution to this horrific issue.”

So get out there and sign up for a ride near you! On June 13th you’ll see them everywhere…simply go to and be a part of the New World Record for the most horses ever assembled for a peace time cause… Horse Rescues!

Don’t be left behind! Ride for the rescues!!!!!!!!

More sponsors always welcomed.

ACTHA's Mission
· To provide an enjoyable venue showcasing the wonderful attributes of the great American trail horse, granting them the recognition they so richly deserve.
· To maintain a registry open to all breeds and a point designation system which will stay with each horse for its lifetime, thereby adding to their value and distinction.
· To enable the humane treatment of horses in need.

ACTHA’s current sponsors and recognizing breed associations

The Horse Show with Rick Lamb RFDTV
American Paint Horse Association
Arabian Horse Association
Best of America by Horseback
Cavallo Horse and Rider
Clinton Anderson/Downunder
Daily 72
Equine VIP
Equus Online University
Life Data Labs (Farrier’s Formula)
Midwest Horse Digest
Molly’s Custom Silver
Monty Roberts
Morgan Horse Association
Muddy Creek Rain Geer
Mustang Heritage Foundation
Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders' and Exhibitors' Association
The Missouri Fox Trotter Association
The National Walking Horse Association
Todays Horse Trader
Total Health Enhancement
Trail Blazer Magazine
Trail Town USA
Tucker Saddles
US Horse Biz

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Just wanted to stress that this isn't in JUST Michigan. It's happening in all 50 States, so make sure you check it out!

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Bumping this up! =]

Diane still needs some people to sign up for the ride to be counted towards the record! [minimum 25]. The ride WILL happen no matter what, and the proceeds will go towards charity but get your friends to take part! Every rider counts!

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I get a little put off when folks who have never posted on this ( and other sites) create a log in name and act like they are long time friends and suggest we all attend and support their event.

If they want to advertise on this website. Buy and ad support the website.

If they want to act like they are long time supporters of the website at least have more than 1 post. Ads just like this one have popped up on every horse website. I just consider these folks Trolls.

Ignor them and support legitimate organizations.

From the HorseForum Rules:

9- If you want to promote a website you must link to the Horse Forum at from the site you are promoting.
This forum was made primarily to bring horse enthusiasts together to discuss and share our horses, and have a safe place to ask questions. We have learned from experience that allowing people who wish to promote and advertise here free reign quickly detracts from the nature of the community. Therefore, the Horse Forum reserves the right to exercise its discretion to prohibit or allow advertising and website promotion. A lot of work goes into growing and maintaining the Horse Forum, so we require that people looking to promote websites link to the Horse Forum from the sites they promote. This way, sites receiving the benefit of the effort that goes into the Horse Forum community give something back. For the same reason, links to other horse forums are not allowed.

Read more:

ACTHA has not provide links back to the Horse Forum community. They have not contributed in the past with any kind of discussions, answering question, etc. All they do is ask that you support their activities.

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Are you dead serious? You and your entire 300 some odd posts since 2006? Because you obviously contribute SO much to the site.

This is advertising for an event to raise money for CHARITY. I'm pretty sure by definition of advertising there has to be SOME benefit for the actual website. This is a horse lover, who has far more then ONE post on this site, posting something we can all enjoy and be a part of as a group.

I sincerely feel sorry for people like you who have nothing better to do then bring the world down with your whining.

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This is for charity, not to promote ACTHA... This benefits charities, NOT ACTHA. They make ZERO money on this ride. It's promoting awareness for many rescues and organizations who can't survive without events like this one. I feel that this is a worthy cause of posting, and I'm sorry you don't feel the same way. Horses are starving because their owners can't afford to feed them. Not all horse owners are cruel just because they can't feed their horse. They do their best, but sometimes, just can't afford it. This ride supports those organizations who can HELP those people.

If you don't feel that it's worth supporting, don't support it. Simple as that. If you do, then I applaud you and thank you from the bottom of my heart. I would love to ride, but I had already sent my entry in for a horse trial when I became aware of the event. Instead, I'm planning on sending a donation with a friend.

Pidge: The TX ride is being held in 3 places- Dallas, Junction, and Bandera. The one in OK is in Loco.

Equiniphile: The one in OH is in Canton.

Thank-you to MacabreMikolaj and Rowzy for responding while I was away. =]
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