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Worst Horse Picture Contest!

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OK we all have them...bad horse pictures. The ones where the horse is pooing, yawning, or shuting his eyes. The ones where the wind is blowing their mane up, and the ones where there muddy and wet. So post the worst of the worst! The contest will end on February 15, 2010 at 5:00 p.m. I will pick the top 5 worst and post a poll that will run for a week. So the winners will be announced on February 22, 2010. The picture must be of your horse (a leased horse is allowed.) So, start posting those horrible horse pictures! :p
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oh and here's another one!


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Baby Chex decided to take off mid picture and Gypsy changed her mind about a pretty head shot, ear pin!


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I'm usually too embarrassed to show this picture, but for a bad picture contest, here it is. I think he was doing the "baby mouthing" thing.

Horse Mammal Vertebrate Mane Mare

Here is another funny one of my chubby Haflinger Max cooling off.

Horse Snout Canidae Dog breed Shetland pony
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I tried take an "artsy" picture. Didn't work :lol:
Horse Mane Sky Nose Sorrel

This is one I normally don't show people. People always ask if my horses will bite them and I always say "nope!" Guess I should revise my answer.
Horse Mammal Split-rail fence Mane Ranch
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Danny..... showing off his big teeth just like he always does
Looks like he's fighting the bit to me... :shock:
haha perfect idea for a thread!

this is the first picture i ever took of my horse :) he was looking at the camera, then decided he needed a scratch!


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The first three are of Stoeka.

The first she sighed while I took the photo...
The second she is running away from the camera while my uncle was trying to take a photo of her...
The third she got a little excited in the show arena and decided to run away. LOL

The last two are of Night Heat.

The first she was cantering sideways and pulling a funny face at the show...
The second was taken just as she was refusing a jump...LOL

That's all I got. :grin:


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Love Story kinda glaring at me:
Horse Mammal Vertebrate Halter Bridle

Love ruining a good photo by yawning!!!:
Halter Bridle Horse Horse tack Working animal
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i wont even bother posting..... i know who the 3 winners should be!
1)2horses with the hose one-makes me want summer to come!lol

thats my vote!lol
I was trying to take pics of Don modelling his new rugs

he had been posing, but he moved during the delay with the digital camera

:-x stupid digital cameras and their shutter delay!
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Oh no, a canibal horse! xD

Edit: Hmmm, is it just me who can't see the pic? It should work :S
Here it is again anyways:
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The picture didn't show up, but the link works.

Reminder the contest ends on February 15!
Bump. It end tomorrow. (Sorry last bump I swear ;)
Eyes closed, tonge out, and snow on his face!

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Misty getting ready for a show.. What a stunner..:lol:


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OK, you guys I'm really sorry, but the poll thing isn't working out :? I tried it three times, with no success. So I just picked the winners my self.
1- 2horses's Foal
2- Elina's Cannibal Mare
3- My Beau's Biter
well done guys :)
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