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The first three are of Stoeka.

The first she sighed while I took the photo...
The second she is running away from the camera while my uncle was trying to take a photo of her...
The third she got a little excited in the show arena and decided to run away. LOL

The last two are of Night Heat.

The first she was cantering sideways and pulling a funny face at the show...
The second was taken just as she was refusing a jump...LOL

That's all I got. :grin:


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i wont even bother posting..... i know who the 3 winners should be!
1)2horses with the hose one-makes me want summer to come!lol

thats my vote!lol

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OK, you guys I'm really sorry, but the poll thing isn't working out :? I tried it three times, with no success. So I just picked the winners my self.
1- 2horses's Foal
2- Elina's Cannibal Mare
3- My Beau's Biter
21 - 37 of 37 Posts
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