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Would it be fair?..

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Girl A and her horse
Girl B and her horse

Girl A rides Girl's B's horse to warm him up...while Girl B stands by the fence to watch.

Would it be fair if Girl B got to ride Girl's A's horse?

Only problem is that Girl A's horse hasn't been ridden in a while for some reason. So maybe girl B should wait until Girl A's horse is back on a program?

What do you think? Girl A loves to ride girl B's horse.. But Girl B has not ridden Girl A's horse.

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What does Girl A think about Girl B riding her horse?

Apparently Girl B doesn't have a problem with Girl A riding her horse, but Girl A might have concerns about Girl B.
Im sorry....i didn't want to give out any names or the horse's names.

Girl B doesnt mind if girl A rides girl bs horse. she is a good rider and has soft hands. but girl b wants to ride A's horse.
Why doesn't she ask Girl A? If she says "No" then too bad, it's her horse and she controls who rides it. If she says "Yes" Girl B gets to ride.
Um -- maybe they should just switch horses?

I dunno, what's the big deal?
Girl B really likes Girl's As horse. He is really nice looking. Girl B has liked that horse ever since he came to the barn. She wanted to ride that horse from the start. But now that girl A is warming up the horse from time to time... Girl B feels that its only fair to ride Girl's As horse.
This thread cracks me up!!
^^ ditto, I can't even figure out what's going on here!
I don't see the problem with asking to walk the horse around. There were two sisters at a barn I used to ride at and they shared a horse. If I was done my ride I just pitched one up on my horse to cool her out, they thought it was great and so did I.
Sometimes I warm up horses for people and I always just chuck them on my horse to keep him moving at the walk. I also like him having different people on him.
if your friends then ask if which ever girl says no then stick to each girls own horse maybe?
Are these lesson horses or do the girls own them?
If girl A is a more experienced rider, and girl A's horse is a more difficult to handle horse, while girl B is less likely to be capable of handling girl A's horse, since girl B can't even warm up her own horse....then it's perfectly fair. But that might not be the case, there are far too many variables here.

God, do you KNOW how many times I had to re-read that to make sure I had my A's and B's in the right places? *lol*

If Girl A and Girl B are comparable level riders, on comparable level horses, then each just ride their own horse, if it's an issue. Goodness me.
haha im so confused. but i agree with Indyhorse
Girl C should slap the crap out of them and tell them to ride their own darn horse!!
ROFLMTO!!!!! I can't keep any of that straight. Good luck to anyone that can.
LOL can we give names to Girl A and Girl B so it's easier to understand? How about Girl A is Hailey and Girl B is Tara?

Are Tara and Hailey friends? Do their horses need the same amount of discipline? Is there a risk involved for Tara to ride Hailey's horse, moreso than if she were to ride her own horse? Is Hailey perhaps worried about liability? Do Hailey and Tara have the same experience levels? Why does Tara think Hailey is not offering to let her ride her horse? Sorry to take u back to seventh grade health class lol, but is Tara perhaps being too passive and not voicing her opinions, so that Hailey doesn't know that Tara wants to ride Hailey's horse? And lastly, why the crap won't Tara and Hailey ride their own darn horses LOL?
why isnt she warming up her own horse? if she cant ride hers why should she ride the other girls horse.
I think i am going to end this question. Girl B will just ask Girl A if she could ride her horse one time.

Thank you all for replyn to this message.
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