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Hi guys sorry to bother you again but I was wondering what you thought of these horses and what I can change in the ads (sorry I can't but the actual ad up, my laptops being stupid)

Arab x welsh pony (chestnut)
5 year old 13.2hh arab x welsh pony mare. Professionally broken early this year, enjoys jumping, eager to learn. Good to shoe, catch, box she's never been clipped. She stands 10 to 2 but shoes are correcting this. Is very pretty and friendly. Would make a good pony club/mounted games pony. Is not strong or silly, is ok with dogs. Very good out on the roads but does not like large trucks.Not being ridden at the moment and is just wasted standing in the field.
Selling due to family members health. £900 including tack and rugs.

Irish draught mare (bay)
15.3hh Irish draught x tb for sale. Trained for dressage but hasn't done any for about 3 years, has done local competitions. Hacking in company she's brilliant but alone she's quite spooky and does not like motorcycles at all. Not a novice ride as is quite strong. Great walk and trot but could do with more schooling in canter. We are selling due to a family members health andwas sold to us as a novice but is quite obviously not, so at present she is not being ridden.
£1250 including tack and rugs.[email protected]/ (Please ignore my dog)

So yeah.. What do you guys think? My mum wrote the adverts but I'll change them if you think anything's wrong.
Personaly I think they are overpriced but my grandad doesn't want to sell them for much less.
Thanks in advance :)
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