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WTB: Eventing vest

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Looking for an Tipperary Event Vest Size M Reg.

I dont care about color.

Willing to trade my L Cashel event vest for a Tipperary.​
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I don't have one, but I was just wondering if there was any particular reason you wanted a Tipperary? They are not ASTM Certified/Approved and will probably be banned pretty soon in recognized competition. I have one and love it, but I know it's not the safest. I would recommend a Charles Owen, Intec Flex Rider, or a Rodney Powell.

I agree with Drew - I wouldn't invest in a Tipperary at all personally. Many Top Level Eventers are getting rid of theirs and investing in the Rodney Powell.

I have an Intec Flex Rider, that is ASTM Certfied and Approved.

Tipperary's are not nor will be because of how the panels in the vest are designed.
Thanks For the input. Iam not planeing on eventing right now its just for schooling. I know they are not Certfied, I thought I could get one for cheap and get a Certfied one when I start evening.
No Tipperary is cheap. I would just put your money towards one that is certified now, and then you wont have to spend the money down the road when you want one.

I do not trust Tipperary's regardless if you are schooling or not - a crash is a crash regardless, and a rotational fall is a rotational fall regardless - doesn't matter if you are playing around over a CC fence or compeating.

These vests are made for 1 reason, to protect us to the best of their ability while we do this dangerous sport.

You wouldn't ride without an ASTM approved helmet, so why would you ride around with a vest that is not ASTM approved?
The more I think about it,the more I want a Approved vest and I have been searching the web most of the night for one I like.

I like the harry hall ones that are pink but I can only find them in the UK.
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