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YAY, Bear is on his way to being a horse again! ;]

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The chiro came out today and man, let me tell you, she is great!! She is helping me figure out a diet for Bear to help get him healthy, which is really nice. We are going to down his beet pulp to try and take as much sugar out of his diet as we can (even though spring grass is start to grow, haha). I am probably going to be having to up his protien too. Anyways, so here is the story on the app. with her:

Got here at about 1:00 p.m. She asked for some background info on Bear, then she watched him move. She said that it is going to be a long road to get him moving freely, but she can do it. She popped his ribs that were out back into place (I think he had about three out of place), then worked on his neck and pole. He had two vertabre (sp?) out of place and his pole was out. She watched him move again after doing that and he was moving better, but still not 100% (which is totally understandable). She didnt want to work on his hind end, as he was NOT happy about her being back there. So she went on to doing her lazer treatment. Bear kinda got a "high" feeling when she was doing it (which she said some horses do that). She did the lazer treatment for 23 minutes, which is longer then normal (I think it is normally about 10-15 minutes), but she said that he could handle it. He has been sleeping since I put him back into the pasture and it has been an hour roughly *gigglesnort*.
She said I can start work up after a day, but I am waiting until Sunday, one, because I will be gone at a horse show with my friend (I am being her groom kinda) until Saturday and two, because I just want to give him an extra day off since I know he is going to be soar! Then on Monday my trainer is going to watch him move again and look him over and then I will find out if I can start riding him again. The chiro is going to come back out in a week or a week and a half to do him again, then we are going to be making the visits further apart after that.
Good news is, she is only $75 per visit, which is cheap for all that she did! Plus she even adjusted my mom (she works with people and horses), haha.

Anyways, so that is the good news for today. I will keep all of you posted!
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sounds very encouraging. is that Bear in your picture? that sure is a pretty horse.
Yes, that would be Bear. =] Thank you very, very much; every nice comment helps!!

Right after I posted his, Bear rolled in the mud and then spent 2 minutes galloping and bucking out in the field, which he has only done one other time in the 5 1/2 months I have had him (it was after he got his feet done last, he was feeling good)! He is so silly. I got the last few seconds of it on video (wish I would have gotten more). He was kickin' up his heels and doing flying lead changes and squealing, it was SO cute!!
I think he is feeling WAY better already. I am just all worried about him throwing something out now. xD
I think chiros always have the best nutritional advice. Better then the vets I know lol.

He will be soar after being adjusted but light work may help him. When athletes train, and they're soar for a day it actually helps them to keep working. They get lactic acid build up in the muscles (anerobic), and the best way to get rid of it is to keep moving so it can be absorbed.
Im glad that I can trust the chiro's advice!

Well, I think he will be excersizing himself quite a bit if we keep ontop of this! I am going to search the web for messages I can do to help keep his muslces relaxed to. You guys think that is a good idea? If anyone of you have good things to try, feel free to share!
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