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:) Yay I got to ride Candi today!!!

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Hey all,
Well I am whooped. I was out to see my gelding early today and did a bunch with him and a long hike after.

Then off to see Candi. She looks really good. She has gained some muscle and weight.
She is coming along wonderfuly and I am totally excited!
The guy who has been working with her got on first and then I got on and walked and trotted her.
I looked at the video that was taken but I am not sure I will be able to put that up. I will try and learn how soon. I am so tired I have not even had a chance to look at the photos.

After I was on her for a bit my dressage trainer/instructor got on her.
While I was on her I had a bit of a time getting her to trot out for me. When Lyndsey got on she did as well but asked to borrow Brians spurs ( he uses them when he rides Candi) Thus after she put them on she had better results.
No big deal I was really really nervous and excited lol....

I did not canter her because I am still learning how to use my body since I carried my body around in protection mode for so long from all my injuries and pain. It has taken me a rigours course in riding to gain back confidence and body/muscle control. is all coming back in leaps and bounds

Lindsey did canter her. She is thrilled I decided to send her out while she was unable to ride, and said she is excited for Candi's return home so we can really get going.

It all went really well. Oh and he took her over a small crossrail and a small verticle. I was so impressed. She is such a "well minded" mare. She still has a long way to come but I feel my money was very much well spent by sending her to this gentlemen.

Yay for Candi. I cannot wait til she is home. *insert a happy dance* 10 more days....
I will post pics tomorrow. Or itonight if I catch a second wind.