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The yard I'm at is really great and the staff are. I don't pay for them to school Katie but we have more of a beneficial relationship. Staff use Katie as an escort on hacks or to transport staff between yards (close by, 30mins hack). Only staff ride her for insurance purposes and I'm happy with this arrangement. I don't pay for their extra time on her but in return staff can use her for sponsored rides sometimes and fun events. Fine by me.

But now talk of jumping has began. They are very active competitively but only small shows locally. I just got a message that one of the staff members that rides her the most has asked if she can take Katie to a show small to do a round of small jumps tomorrow evening and practice in the morning. So far she's only popped over a few logs in the park with the other horses.

I can go and watch it and her rider is more than competent. Katie will love it I'm sure but I have some concerns:

- about 2 months ago she was still testing positive on right hind flexion test but not majorly. I did suggest that if they were hacking and wanted to pop over a log and she was willing no problem but I was not anticipating doing full jump courses so soon.

- she hasn't been jumping and I think practising a full course then attending in the evening might be too much too soon? :S

- it's on grass and as far as I'm aware, outside of hunting years ago, she's only been jumping in a sand arena. Is this a problem or am I thinking about it too much? I don't want her sliding around like a grease monkey.

- I'm between insurers and y'know the whole 30 day can't claim stuff. Not that I'd need to claim but I really want to be extra safe.

IDK I'm not feeling good but I do worry a lot.

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I think you're right to be hesitant... I'd politely decline, but express appreciation for the consideration. To go for 2 months--- from an injury-- to not being jumped at all or ridden to an extent to have the stamina needed to compete. I mean. I don't know, it wouldn't sit right with me, either. I'd pass.

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Till the horse is given a green light and all clear from the attending vet who found and diagnosed her

If she is only ridden in sand and then you take her to grass footing, it is similar but it is also different.
My concern is damp conditions and or traction/footing add not only putting her to, but holding her in-check on a horse who loves to jump...
The potential risk factor to me is just to great...

You also mentioned Katie being used to "transport" workers...
So is she being ponied or is she being double-ridden by adults {?} home?
Consider that with that a hind end ailment...

But regardless small local show or not...
A practice is going to involve at least seven fences, is seven liftoffs and landings.
Now go to the show...there is going to be a warm-up ring of many fences and more than she took at home "schooling" done.
Now she will actually go in the ring and jump a course...minimum of 4 fences, as many as a dozen...
If, if she refuses something or not jump it correctly it could mean more done post entry back to the schooling ring...
No, just no.
A "occasional" hop over a downed log trail-riding is one thing, sort-of, to prepare for, school, then show in the ring is yet something very different.
No, if Katie was my
You are her advocate and you are the one if something happens to her pays the bill and feels forever the effects of a ride gone wrong.

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@horselovinguy thanks for your input just to clarify-

two yards are 30mins apart. One has arena, one is next to national park. They do RDA stuff a lot so horses are often swapping between yards. No point using a lorry when can hack them across the lovely green to and fro. What sometimes happens though is when staff drops a horse off they have to find their own way back- walking takes a long time lol and most of them dont drive. So instead, since Katie isn't used for their lesson regime, I gave permission to ride Katie back. They always must ask and inform me first and so far its once or twice a week. It gives her more confidence on the roads as well. No ponying or doubling up. The owner is a huge sticker for protocols so I think she'd murder them before I got the chance. She tells ME to wear hats and gloves when walking Katie out or even just visiting her in the field. I like it. She's a bit militant and over-safe but that's right up my alley. The staff member's direct request above is separate to that, hence why it came from her and not the yard manager.

I've just sent them a message explaining that it's a no, sorry! thanks guys!

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Late to the party but I think you're right in saying not this time.
It might be a good experience for her when she's confirmed sound by your vet and has done relevant work to build her up to jumping.
The insurance cover or possible lack of would worry me - who would be responsible if she was injured or if she was deemed responsible for causing an injury?
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