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Young horse mis-behaving.

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Hello Everyone, I need a bit of advice. About 4 months ago I bought a youngster, she just turned 4 on May 1st. Basically her background is that she had been sitting out in the pasture most of her 3 year old year as her previous owner sadly passed away. When I bought her she had TERRIBLE ground manners, very pushy, rearing and pawing in the cross ties ect. Under saddle she would try to run me into walls and the round pen.

I've been working with her a ton and she has done a complete turn around..she stands like an angel, I can lead her without a chain over her nose and walks perfectly silent beside me..very nice and easy going now under saddle..but here is where the problem comes in..

My new barn (where I bought her from) does drill team, and I have never done anything like it before, and thought it would be a blast. I quickly found out she FREAKS out around other horses...I always go out to the barn at weird times because of my work schedule, so I often ride alone..and she is perfect. Like I said, as I am quickly finding out she doesn't play well with she was doing crow hops, spooking at EVERYTHING and being a pain, wanting to take off, prancing in place ect..I could feel her in a ball of tension under me, so I got off and had to go get a lesson horse to finish the rest of the practice so I wouldn't get behind.

I have rode her a lot in that arena and she was wonderful. I'm not sure how to correct this, and get over her fear (or whatever it is) of being with other horses. Not only was it making me nervous that she was acting crazy, but it was making everyone else also. I do realize half of it is her being young and inexperienced..but I also believe her behavior is getting on the dangerous side. This is a constant thing for her..I was out riding 3 days ago and there was about 5 other people in the outdoor arena, so I took her in there, and same thing. I made her stand next to the other horses and she finally seemed to relax. As soon as the others left, she went crazy, crow hopping and all the good stuff. It's so frustrating, she's scared when there are other horses in the arena, but then she's also unhappy if they leave. I've also been told she's been shown before when she first turned 3 and placed numerous times, so I have no idea where this is all coming from.

Any advice or techniques would be appreciated. :)
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Does she live in a a paddock with other horses? It doest sound like fear to me just over-stimulation. She's probably paying way too much attention to the other horses and therefor not focusing so the littlest thing is setting her off.
It might help to have her turned out with other horses who will put her in her place so she can learn some manners around them.
You may want to try ground exercsies with her before you get on or when you are in the arena with the other horses (if you can). Make her back, bend and circle you until her attention is entirely on you.
It may take time but eventually she should settle down.
Thank you for the advice! Yes, she is turned out with about 6 or so other horses. At this barn they are out 24/7 unless bad storms / ice ect. She is on the lower end of the totem pole of her paddock, but she still acts like she's the queen with her attitude lol :lol:
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