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Ohhh, here goes:

On my horse:

Saddles: Childeric M, Pessoa EQ, Pessoa A/O, Pessoa Jubilee 25th Anniversary, Another Pessoa A/O (for show), 2 Crosby Sovereign PDNs. All Made in England (except Childeric-France) crappy Argentine saddles here!

Bridles: Arc de Triomphe Elegance (schooling), Arc de Triomphe Imperial (show), Beval New Canaan, old Edgewood, Pessoa, Stubben, and some no-namers.

Bit: Korsteel French Link Egg Butt

Pads: Cheap AP Pads. I also have a gorgeous sheepskin pad that I'm scared to use and get dirty!

Girths: Crosby, Dover, and a few no-namers. Leather overlay style.

Leathers: Stubben (schooling), Barnsby Calfskin (show), Weaver, Blue Ribbon, Crosby (sitting in tack box).

Irons: Herm Sprenger 4F.

On me:

Helmet: Troxel Grand Prix Gold (schooling), GPA (show).

Breeches: Big fan of On Course Cotton Naturals; they just fit me perfectly. But anything in tan or black with knee patches works too.

Boots: Torn to shreds cheap paddock boots by On Course (schooling), Devon Aire L'Cord (show).

Chaps: Ariat Full Grain half chaps...LOVE these!!!

Gloves: Black leather type by SSG. I'm a compulsive glove-wearer.

Man, I should probably sell a saddle and buy myself some new boots! haha
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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