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Hey girls and guys :).

Well, I though we could mix it up a bit (aside from all the boy!!) - and kind of post about YOU. Yes, brag all about yourself, your life whats going on. Yes a topic for and about you. Y-O-U. I think will help take the load-off on some people. You can vent, and boast, I must ask there to be absolutely NO judging in this thread. Please and Thank You! :D.

If you don't know what to post, here's a formula. (Copy and paste). All this is optional! :D

Relationship Status~
Home Town~
Current Town/State~
T.V. Shows~
Current Favorite Song(s)~
ALL TIME Favorite Songs~
Any Future Plans?~
Siblings? How many!~
Hair Color~
Favorite Color!~


Have fun! Here's my own personal self! :p:lol:
Name~Amanda (AKA Anny)
Job~ [Ranch Hand/School Student]
Age~ 13 (January 11th)
Interests~ Goats, Horses, Friends, and Boys :twisted: lol.
Relationship Status~ Taken! November 7th, 2009 <3
Style~* Emo/Punk. I'm on longer a cutter, but I still love all the darkness and whole black/neon sort of 'Scene' look to myself.
Music~ I love everything. I really like Rap, Screamo, R&B/Hip Hop. Country, Rock, Metal.. Everything, lol.
Home Town~ Fredericksburg VA, bred born and raised.
Current Town/State~ Virginia (United States)
T.V. Shows~ Family Guy, South Park, Comedy Central, Spongebob, (FAVORITE) Law & Order SVU!!!!!!
Movies~ Hellboy II, White Chicks, Delirious.
Current Favorite Song(s)~ Becky by Phlies, TikK ToK - Ke$ha.
ALL TIME Favorite Songs~ I write Sins Not Tragedies, Junkhead,This Is the New [shizz].
Any Future Plans?~ SVU detective/Goat Rancher/Horse Trainer.
Pets!~ 5 dogs, 5 goats, 4 horses, 4 cats, a turtle, and a Pine Tree named Joey.
Siblings? How many!~ 2, by marriage, but I disowned my brother, so basically I have one sister, Jamiee, who is 35.
Humor*~ I'm REALLY VERY FUNNY! :lol: People tell me all the time.
Hair Color~ Reddish/Brown (currently)
Favorite Color!~Purple, Black, Yellow, Lime Green, and Orange.
Picture; ((OLD PICTURE!))


I live in the ghetto while I'm with my dad. When I'm with mom - well, we're too poor to afford our house and our farm, so we are moving into a trailer so we can keep our horses. :oops: Kind of embarrassing. I've been riding for 3 and a half years. I'm higher level intermediate. I can ride out bucks, rears, head throwings, bolts, sliding stops (In an English Saddle!!), and a ****y mare in season. I love Prince Phillip! Training him Western this summer. I'm Pro-(Horse)Slaughter, I <3 Cows, and cow meat :twisted:. I L-O-V-E my many many friends. Lots of people call me a *****, even though I'm a virgin. Riot is my loverrrrr <3. I'm bi, gotta problem? I have an amazin' boyfriend, and i aspire to help people. I volunteer at the hospital, but since the Piggy Flu epidemic, I've been forced to stop. I'm failing out of school :shock: - I can't pick my grades up no matter how hard I try. I love writing novels. I have a great idea but don't feel like typing it. I make a good argument. I se things from a lodgical point-of-view. I'm really actually black. I think I'm like a stupid screwed up albino. Straight hood, yo. I want to name my (future) son, Manson James [last name], and my daughter Tequila Rae. I used to be a cutter, I have frizzy hair. A bit of a temper pulses through my veins. I love me a rough ride, and well, I can't think of anymore. Lol!!

Feel free to come and vent, and make changes/updates. Have fun!

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And I love Eminem, Alice in Chains, Brokencyde, Evanescence, Marilyn Manson, LMFAO, Lil Wayne, Lil' Jon, Lady Gaga, Shakira, Trey Songz, and umm, look up, click listen live, and listen to the music, most of that. lol :)

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Name~ Lauren:)
Job~ Student:Z
Age~ 16
Interests~ Horses Horses And... Horses:) Football Basketball Sports:) lol
Relationship Status~ Single:(
Style~* Casual. Pretty much live in trakkies or jods:) lol
Music~ Pop
Home Town~ Ireland lol
Current Town/State~ Ireland lol
T.V. Shows~ Coronation Street
Movies~ How to lose a guy in 10 days, The Ringer, THe commitments:)
Current Favorite Song(s)~ Owl City - Fireflies, Rihanna-Russian Roulette
ALL TIME Favorite Songs~ THe Script - Before The Worst
Any Future Plans?~ Be a top show jumper:)
Pets!~ 1 horse:) Oscar
Siblings? How many!~ 1 Bro
Humor*~ Funny? Dunno how to answer that lol
Hair Color~ Brown
Favorite Color!~ Blue

ive been horse riding for 10 years owned Oscar for 3yrs:)
used to work in a stables.
em.... dunno wot else your ment to write lol


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Job~ None! :)
Interests~Riding (obv.) volleyball, running sometimes, photography (of my horse mostly)
Relationship Status~Singleeee and hating it ):
Style~*what? idk I go with the floww
Music~Rap, hip hop, acoutic, pop rock
Home Town~Bedford
Current Town/State~Bedfor, nh
T.V. Shows~DEGRASSI!!!
Movies~oh mann, too many. taledega nights & step brothers = lovee
Current Favorite Song(s)~forever by drake, tik tok by kesha
ALL TIME Favorite Songs~Jasey Rae by All Time Low
Any Future Plans?~I wanna have a rsecue horse, and an eventing horse to ride everyday when im older :)
Pets!~just my ponyykinz
Siblings? How many!~2 brothers- one older one younger...
Humor*~haha idkk.
Hair Color~Brown, golden brownish highlights
Favorite Color!~Anything blue?
Picture; Well I put 3, I didn't know which I like most!

I been riding since I was 8, leasing Rocky since Sept. 2008, and I love his to deathhh and beyond! I'm hoping I'll get to buy a horse in a year or two, we'll see how it goes. I event beginner novice, and hope to be moving up to novice by the end of next year! And I wanna go to a private school, but they're too expensive. ): When I'm older, I definitely want to live in Kentucky. I also want to go snowboarding in Colorado, because I've never been in those mountains! So, yeah that's a little about me!


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Name~ Elizabeth
Job~ Rodeo Queen
Interests~ horses
Relationship Status~ Taken(Wonderful guy named Jesse)
Style~* Country - hick type(lol)
Home Town~ Superior Wi
Current Town/State~ Dallas, Texas
T.V. Shows~ nothing(to much time in the barn)
Movies~ nothing again
Current Favorite Song(s)~Whiskey Lullaby
ALL TIME Favorite Songs~ Whiskey Lullaby
Any Future Plans?~ Huge farm, with Jesse 4ever
Pets!~ a bunch of horses, 3 dogs(tig, chase, and zeus) and lots of barn cats
Siblings? How many!~ 1 sister older then me by 11 years!
Humor*~ funny
Hair Color~ Light Brown
Favorite Color!~ Lime green and purple

I live in a hick town when not on the road, friend huh? way to many to count not including the ones all over the country! I am taken by a great guy named Jesse, we met at my hometown rodeo! He is funny, sweet, and can't forget a hot cowboy. :) I have 12 horses of my own and bout 5 that our my parents. My dad wasn't for the whole traveling thing when i first brought it up but now we've been from coast to coast and back. My favorite place to show would have to be Wyoming, the people out there are so nice. I have won many titles and championships. I do leave Jesse at home when we travel, but when I get back i go right over to see him. I deal with his 4- wheeler racing and Bull Doggin and he deals with my horses. I have a great life and wouldn't want to be with anyone else in the world other then Jesse.

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Job~ Student
Age~ 17
Interests~ horse back riding, partying, hanging wit my guy friends, listening to music, umm alot more stuff I guess lol
Relationship Status~ Single
Style~ A lot country, a lil girly(well not really)
Music~ Pretty much anything thats on the radio but I really love country music
Current Town/State~ Wisconsin
T.V. Shows~ I don't watch much T.V. so whatever's on
Movies~ Last House on the Left..or Right I cant remember lol, Paranormal Activites
Current Favorite Song(s)~ In Another Life- The Veronicas, Cowboy Casanova- Carrie Underwood, Need You Now- Lady Antebellum
ALL TIME Favorite Songs~ Where'd you Go- Fort Minor, Devil Went Down to Georgia- Charlie Daniels Band
Any Future Plans?~ Get married, have 3 kids, and hopefully become a vet
Pets!~ Ruby-my horse, Snickers-my cat
How many!~ 1 older brother-Taylor
Humor*~ Sarcastic sometimes but usually just funny lol
Hair Color~ Blondish. it's sunstreaked right now so it's light brown hair with blonde highlights I guess
Favorite Color!~ Orange or blue it's a tie
I don't have one of me =(

Summary/Biography: My life is animals, but mostly horses. I'm a small town girl who is friends with all the guys. I've been riding for a long time and my trainer will sometimes let me ride horses he's started so he has alot of trust in me. Grew up on a dairy farm and I still love running across the tops of hay bales. Every summer most of the nights are spent down by the river, partying around the campfire and swimming in the black of night. I've never driven a car, only trucks. I can hold my own in a bar and on horseback. Ummm I go hunting all the time and currently I'm looking for a guy who meets only 2 requirements: will be willingly to ride and hunts.

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Name~ Sunny06 (I'll never tell!) lol
Job~ Ohhhhh... I dabble in photography :p I want to be an elementary teacher or a HS english teacher; I like kids :) I babysit frequentely. Lame me :lol:
Age~ Old enough ;P
Interests~ Photography, graphic designing, elementary education, science/biology (genetics), religion, gaited horses, photo editing.
Relationship Status~ Single.. For now.
Style~ Like how I dress? Well.. Not particularily anything special. Jeans and a T shirt :wink:
Music~ Classic Rock, country, bluegrass, late-night guitar.
Current Town/State~ Brokenheartsville, near Styxtown (just kiddin')
T.V. Shows~ MONK! & Fringe..
Movies~ Oh Brother Where Art Thou?, and a few more but can't remember.
Current Favorite Song(s)~ Too many! But I'll settle for 'More Than A Feeling' by Boston
Any Future Plans?~ Marry. Have a kid or two.
Pets!~ *sigh* Ok, lemme count :p
- 4 or 5 chickens
- 5 horses
- 3 dogs
- 1 finch
- 1 parrot
- 3 cats
Siblings? How many!~ None! Just me!
Humor*~ Aha.. Mild Slapstick, I guess? I have no clue but I like "Mousehunt". Every other word that comes out of my mouth is sarcastic, lol :x
Hair Color~ Blondey :p
Favorite Color!~ bluuuuee....
Picture~ Gads, you don't wanna picture of me! XP

Pine Tree named Joey.
Niiiiice..... :lol:

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Name~ jaydde
Job~ student
Age~ 14 (June 9th)
Interests~ horses,motorbike riding
Relationship Status~ single
Style~* COUNTRY!!!!!
Music~ COUNTRY,r&b,pop,rap and rock
Home Town~ Dorrigo, NSW, Australia
Current Town/State~ Tenterfield NSW
T.V. Shows~ home and away, glee and friends
Movies~ TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Current Favorite Song(s)~ Lollipop luxury by Jefferey star
ALL TIME Favorite Songs~ any song by Keith urban!
Any Future Plans?~ to become a horse trainer/breeder/manager
Pets!~ my horse t.c, 3 dogs, like 40 chocks, 3 cats, and getting a dairy cow
Siblings? How many!~ 4 older sisters, two i haven't seen in 10 years, other two i see regularly
Humor*~ friends say im hilarious so idk
Hair Color~ brown
Favorite Color!~ forest green and sky blue

Summary/Biography: hi, my name is jaydde, i have been riding for 9 years, but i have only owned my horse for two of them. i live in tenterfield Australia, well i dont live in the town, im out in the bush, 50 km from the nearest shop. i get along with all the guys, i suppose im just not shy =P i love to make new friends! people say im weird because im not like most girls,i do all the things guys do, i work on a nearby farm, stacking hay bales and doing all the hard jobs......when im not doing school that is lol =P


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Name~ Belinda aka Bee-Bee
Job~ running farm a horse farm
Age~ 15
Interests~ horse related stuff, being around friends and boys.
Relationship Status~ in between
Style~* go with the flow
Music~ what ever is on my itouch
Home Town~ The Hamptons, New York
Current Town/State~ Charlottesville, Va
T.V. Shows~ don't have one (spending time in the barn)
Movies~ horse related
Current Favorite Song(s)~ what ever is on my itouch
ALL TIME Favorite Songs~
Any Future Plans?~ become a horse trainer and might ge married
Pets!~ 16 horses,
6 dogs
8 cats
2 rabbits
1 bird
Siblings? How many!~ only child
Humor*~ no clue
Hair Color~ brown
Favorite Color!~ blue, gold and green
Picture; will post one soon

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Name~ chelsea.
Job~ student/ sales associate at aeropostale.
Age~ 17 [april 11th]
Interests~ horses, photography, friends.
Relationship Status~ single, but interested in someone.
Style~* ehh, hippie with a hint of girly or scene (basically a bit of everything)
Music~ rock and a bunch of other stuff.
Home Town~ maryland.
Current Town/State~ still maryland.
T.V. Shows~ degrassi. :] i'm lame.
Movies~ uhh, ten things i hate about you, breakfast club, sixteen candles, etc.
Current Favorite Song(s)~ a bunch! :]
ALL TIME Favorite Songs~ a little less than sixteen candles, a little more touch me - fall out boy. the impossible - joe nichols. a few more.
Any Future Plans?~ to go to college and figure out what i wanna do with my life.
Pets!~ four dogs, two birds, and a hermit crab.
Siblings? How many!~ two brothers. one is 23, the other is 15.
Humor*~ i don't like to judge myself. so, you tell me.
Hair Color~ brown (with some blonde, pink, blue, and green!)
Favorite Color!~ blue, green, yellow, purple, orange. in that order.

Summary/Biography: i'm chelsea. i'm seventeen. i've been riding since i was five. i lovee to talk. i'm a major tree hugger. i haven't eaten beef in about five years and am working on becoming a vegetarian. i have definitely had my fair share of problems, some more difficult than others. i love making people happy and i love being outside. i don't like the cold, but i love the snow. people tell me i'm cute because i'm almost always happy and smiling. i try to keep a positive outlook on life now that i've gotten my life back on track. horses are the reason i wake up in the morning, even though i haven't been riding lately. i love to color pictures and draw. i'm in no rush to grow up. i make a lot of mistakes, but hey, who doesn't?! i'll stop talking now. :] get to know me, you won't be disappointed.

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Name: Amber

College student at Black Hawk College


Horses, Jumping, my bf

Relationship Status:
taken by Levi :)

Cowboy boots, Jeans, and any shirt to fit my attitude

Country, Pop...anything really

Home Town:
Middle of nowhere

Current Town/State:
Slightly bigger town, IL

T.V. Shows:
Gilmore Girls, Grey's Anatamy, Desperate Housewives

Hope Floats

Current Favorite Song(s):
All I Ever Wanted, by Kelly Clarkson

ALL TIME Favorite Songs:
Amarillo By Morning, Big Green Tractor

Any Future Plans?:
Graduate from BHE, transfer to get my business degree

None as of right now

Siblings? How many!:
7 siblings!!!

I love humor but I have none lol

Hair Color:
Dark brown with black underneath

Favorite Color!:
Green and blue



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Name~ Elizabeth
Job~ delivering drugs for a pharmacy
Age~ 18
Interests~ horses and music
Relationship Status~ single
Style~* I don't think i really have one
Music~ lots of different stuff, aussie hip hop. the stuff the play on triple j
Home Town~ I'm from England
Current Town/State~ NSW australia
T.V. Shows~ glee, top gear, house
Movies~ oceans 11, good will hunting, the bourne identity
Current Favorite Song(s)~ She's so ugly by the hilltop hoods
ALL TIME Favorite Songs~ anything by the hilltop hoods, cat empire, i don't know lots of random stuff
Any Future Plans?~ hopefully going to uni next year
Pets!~ 3 horses and 2 dogs.
Siblings? How many!~ 2 sisters, a twin and a younger one.
Humor*~ dunno
Hair Color~ blond (natural)
Favorite Color!~ blue
Picture; don't have one

Summary/Biography; Hey I'm liz, I was born in england and moved to australia when i was 10. I have a 15.3hh tb called Magic, we do pony club things so basicly everything english.

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Name - Sara

Job -
Assistant Cake Decorator

- 21

- Tarantulas, reptiles, and horses

Relationship Status
- Happily Taken

- No real style. I just wear whats comfortable.

- I like a little bit of everything.

Home Town
- I'll just stick with Florida Lol.

Current Town/State
- Orlandoish, Florida

T.V. Shows
- Bones, The Office, Modern Family, Food Network Challenge.

- Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, The Saint, Maverick, Evolution.

Current Favorite Song(s)
- The Voice, Speeding Cars, Patron Taquila.

ALL TIME Favorite Songs
- I Want To Get Away

Any Future Plans?
- Graduate college and move out!

- 7 tarantulas, 1 frog-eyed gecko, 1 columbian rainbow boa, 1 cat, 1 green0cheek conure.

- 1 step-sister. 1 step-brother

- Sarcastic and dirty :twisted:

Hair Color
- Auburn

Favorite Color!
- Silver



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Name~ Rebecca

Job~ certified equine sports massage therapist, training horses (and people lol) and I work in the kennels at a great vet clinic.

Age~ 20, will be 21 in a couple weeks! woop woop!:lol:

Interests~ horses, duh! hanging out with ma friends, learning all I can about anything horses....did I mention horses?

Relationship Status~ single....but I LOOOOOOVE Taylor Lautner! lol.

Style~* Hmm, fav thing are my riding breeches and a long sleeve shirt with a vest over it....but I'm all about jeans and a nice top.

Music~ A little of everything....rap, country, pop, hip hop...whatever has a good beat that I can ride ma horse to lol.

Home Town~ Which one? lol I've moved A LOT...I was born in Pensacola, FL and grew up in Missouri, Georgia and Texas...and now I'm back in Missouri!

Current Town/State~ Missouri, where it's FREAKIN COLD! and I hate it

T.V. Shows~ Family Guy, Hells Kitchen, Glee, So You Think You Can Dance to name a few

Movies~ Twilight movies!!! Anything funny, I love a good comedy

Current Favorite Song(s)~ Oh boy....well, Zero Gravity (David Archuleta), Ready for a Change (Katie Drake), Down (Jay Sean), Here for your Entertainment (Adam Lambert, yes I know, strange but I don't care lol!)....I have a lot lol!

ALL TIME Favorite Songs~ Well hell idk! I have a lot of songs that mean something significant to me....hmmm......

Any Future Plans?~ oh yes, many! I'm moving out on my own in about 4 months back to St. Louis...going to obtain my Level 4 in the Parelli Program...want to do a working student program with Karen Rohlf....want to be a Parelli Professional (if I can ever afford it!)...I have a lot of ideas!

Pets!~ 2 cats, 2 dogs, 2 horses (one is my mom's mustang)

Siblings? How many!~ only me :)

Humor*~ oh I'm a total smart *** lol! ask any of my friends and they will tell you:wink:

Hair Color~ well at the moment it's my natural boring blond color, but I'm gonna color it dark brown the dark brown!

Favorite Color!~ depends on my mood.....a lot of times green, but some days I like black, other days blue....just depends! I'm a very complicated person:lol::wink:

Picture; I don't have any current ones:-(

I've been riding since I was 7, starting out on trail rental horses and then I started taking lessons in jumping. We moved to Texas and you DON'T ride english in Texas:lol: At least in the area we lived. I got interested in barrel racing and just did whatever with my first horse Rango. I started Parelli with Rango and he took me to Level 3 before he went blind in 2007. Rango passed away Valentines Day this year:cry: RIP my wonderful appy boy <3 <3. My current horse, Aramis, is my gorgeous Hanoverian gelding who is EXTREMELY challenging but he has taught me SO much! I want to eventually show him in dressage and jumping. I absolutely love giving lessons to people who need help with their horses, teaching them the Parelli program. I do pride myself on being able to work with very challenging horses and get results quickly. I'm a very good student and learn things quickly and am able to progress at a rapid pace. Hmmm.....I'm definitely a leader but I do go in and out of being slightly depressed about my current situation....thank goodness I have my friends! They keep me from slipping into that dark place I was at the beginning of this year where I considered harming myself. I can be quite an introverted person at times, liking my space and being alone as much as being around people...I'm more relaxed about things than some people, I think my way through hard and stressful situations rather than freaking out (I used to be the exact opposite). I'm starting to go through the rebelious stage I never went through in high school (it helps I'm gonna be 21!), but I'm smart enough to still use my head. I'm fascinated by human behavior, like when I'm giving a lesson or meeting someone new...I can't help but "read" them and it makes me a better teacher when I can relate to the student and use appropriate strategies for their specific personality to make them feel more comfortable, confident, motivated, focused, whatever......okay I think I've gone on long enough!:lol::oops:

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Name~ karla
Job~ im a student & i also work in a vet clinic in the kennels & assisting & i help teach in dog/puppy obedience classes. i train horses for people & give flat & jumping lessons to kids [i hate teaching adults !] im also getting a second job working at a dog daycare/hotel.
Interests~ horses & other animals !!
Relationship Status~ taken, been with charlie for 2.5yrs = a life time ! lol
Style~ well idk my fav out fit is jeans & a polo =P i never wear make up, hate it
Music~ countryyyy ! & some hip hop
Home Town~ ive moved about around the midwest but im currently in wi
Current Town/State~ madison wi
T.V. Shows~ house, supernanny, community
Movies~ harold & maude <3
Current Favorite Song(s)~ 8 second ride, out last night & anything by taylor swift
ALL TIME Favorite Songs~ big star by kenny chesney & austin by blake shelton
Any Future Plans?~ event my mare & have fun with her !
Pets!~ alex & jack, airedale terriers & scout & gypsy my horses
Siblings? How many!~ twin sis
Humor*~ haha i love to laugh & joke about
Hair Color~ brown
Favorite Color!~ i like orange, light blue, & purple

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Name~ Kelley
Job~ Currently have an actual job at PacSun (in the King of Prussia mall...**** straight i rep KoP!! xD ). I spend the summer working at a barn teaching young kids horse management and riding basics.
Age~ 16
Interests~ Horses (duh); animals in general; biology/physiology; physics
Relationship Status~ Taken by the most amazing guy <33 He's 18, graduated last year. Our one year will be December 12!! :]
Style~* I don't really have a style per se. I went through a "punk/emo" stage, but I'm pretty much out of that. I kinda have my own style, but since I work at PacSun, I get most of my clothes there.
Music~ I'm into anything that's actually good music, even if I don't actually like the song, if it's good I can appreciate it.
Home Town~ King of Prussia, PA bizzatches! We've got the biggest mall (in store space) in the country. The Mall of America cheats xD My town is tiny as poop though, we have a population of about 18,000.
Current Town/State~ KoP :]
T.V. Shows~ I actually don't watch too much TV. If I have free time I'm either out with friends or out riding.
Movies~ All time favorite movie = The Lion King! xD It's a classic. Favorite holiday movie is White Christmas. Other than that, I like all sorts of movies except for horror movies.
Current Favorite Song(s)~ Fireflies by Owl City :]
ALL TIME Favorite Songs~ Too many to list any. Haha.
Any Future Plans?~ Well, I'm getting married at some point considering I'm already engaged, haha. But I plan on going to College to become an equine veterinarian, though I might end up doing something even more specific than that seeing as I'm really interested in physiology. I also planning on getting certified to instruct lessons and eventually I want to start my own business training/selling horses.
Pets!~ 4 cats and a bird. Horseless at the moment. I have two cats at my mom's house and two at my dad's. The ones at my mom's are named Machu and Picchu, and they are my babies. I love them more than anything :]
Siblings? How many!~ 1 older full brother, and twin six year old half brothers :]
Humor*~ I'm a complete smart *** and I love to be sarcastic, but I'm also just plain silly all the time :]
Hair Color~ Golden blonde/brown.
Favorite Color!~ Greengreengreen xD
The hubby and I on Halloween :]

Mother and I

Baby kitty :] (Machu)

I've been riding for 12 years. It is absolutely my life! I was competing in Prelim (eventing) but like I said, I am currently horseless. My life hasn't been a very easy one. I come from a family with a lot of problems. I have divorced parents who despise each other. My dad remarried and my stepmother who's pretty cool, but i still live with my psychotic mother (hopefully that will be changing next year). My older brother is severely bipolar and was quite abusive to me when we were younger. I spent most of my childhood living in my own world and was considered strange cause I was very loud and assertive. As I've grown older my life has sort of worked itself out a bit. It's not any easier as I am still constantly stuck in the middle of fights between parents, but I have learned much better ways of coping. :]

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Name - Jihan (pronounced Gee-In) aka GeGe
Job - I clean Beach Houses
Age - 18
Interests - Horses, Art
Relationship Status - Single
Style - I don't really have one. I just buy, and wear whatever I feel like.
Music - Mostly heavy metal, rock, pop. I like some country and classical.
Home Town - Michigan City
Current Town/State - I live in La Porte, but I work or whatever in Michigan City, both are in Indiana
T.V. Shows - House, Hell's Kitchen
Movies - Horror, The Proposal was cute.
Current Favorite Song(s) - Tik Tok by Ke$ha
ALL TIME Favorite Songs - Don't really have one.
Any Future Plans? - go to college and make lots of moola, buy my own barn with a HUGE grass pasture for my horsies :)
Pets! - 1 horse, 1 pony, 1 dog, 1 cat
Siblings? How many! - one younger brother
Humor - I've been told that I have a very dry sense of humor. haha Very sarcastic, etc
Hair Color - dark brunette
Favorite Color! - uh don't really have one


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Name: Kaila
Job: Still a student :)
Age: 17
Interests: Horses, riding and dance (hip hop)
Relationship Status: Single
Style: I like comfy clothes like big hoodies, skinny jeans and yeah...umm.. :p
Music: Really mixed. I like anything from Rihanna to Radiohead.
Home Town: Helsinki
Current Town/State: Helsinki
T.V. Shows: Supernatural, Grey's Anatomy, Scrubs, NCIS, Desperate Housewives...
Movies: Moulin Rouge, Gladiator, LOTR, HP, horror movies, Marley and me, well I'm a movie buff. I LOVE movies!
Current Favorite Song(s): TiK ToK by Kesha, Lucky by Radiohead, Single Ladies by Beyonce...
ALL TIME Favorite Songs: ummm.... No Surprises by Radiohead
Any Future Plans?: No idea yet :/
Pets!: My dog Barney (click for pic)
Siblings? How many!: non. ;)
Humor*: umm...idk. :p
Hair Color: Naturally blond but at the moment I have light brown hair.
Favorite Color!: All colors! :D

well... I live in Finland and I absolutely hate it here. I really want to move somewhere else. I'm half English and half Finnish but only really speak English. I was born in Canada and moved to Atlanta when I was a baby, the moved to Finland until I was 4-5ish and then moved to Germany where I lived for about 6 years. Then I moved back here. I've been riding for 12.5 years and started jumping last year.
umm.... I would love to live in the US or England.
I've never owned my own horse or even leased one. :'( And I only get to ride once a week.
so yeah... :D

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Name~ Janita.
Job~ Open college student.
Interests~Horses, Internet, movies and tv, some artistic activities.
Relationship Status~ Single.
Style~* No any special style.
Music~ Everything but heavies heavy metal and Finnish schlager.
Home Town~ That small municipality in Finland, South Karelia province.
Current Town/State~ That small municipality in South Karelia province.
T.V. Shows~ The Simpsons, ER, Mythbusters, South Park, Bad Girls.
Movies~ All kind of comedies and horror movies.
Current Favorite Song(s)~ Not any special.
ALL TIME Favorite Songs~ Not any special.
Any Future Plans?~ I only hope I'll get a career, job, partner and then finally a family in the future. The nearest goal is getting in a real college now when I finally know what I want to do with my life; that open college is just a temporary solution.
Pets!~ Not at the moment. Have had a tortoise, hamster and cat.
Siblings? How many!~ One (or actually a half)
Humor*~ Well... some kind?
Hair Color~ Very light brown, almost blond.
Favorite Color!~ Purple/pink.
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Summary/Biography; Well... what should I tell? I'm pretty calm and a bit distant person in real life but have turned more open and can get along with strange people all ok (that was a bit hard to me earlier). I'm a phobist and that phobia disturbes my life, luckily not very badly at the moment. I've lived in that country the whole of my life and think I wouldn't live anywhere else but it'd be nice to take a trip or a period in USA, Canada or UK. About my rider's career, I've ridden around 8 years now.
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