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Your horses unique quirks

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Everybody's horses should have their own unique quirk, or pretty unique anyway.
So everybody talk about their horses's unique quirks, and pictures of them if they are gestures if you have any!
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awww that is such a cute quirk!! Sounds adorable
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My gelding loves to bit the heads off peeps. I don't know why but every time I give him a peep (which is his favorite treat) He bites the head off first then eats the body, even if I turn it upside down.
What are peeps? what do they look like?
Every morning Sky puts her head over her stall while I am untying her hay net for a kiss or two then goes back to eating. She wrings her mouth anytime she is bored, annoyed, confused etc has done it since she was a yearling it is annoying most of the time but it is her.

Cricket is a head shaker when she isn't getting her way or is confused. She will lipinzaner leap if you ask her to stand around at an event currently, if you keep her walking she is totally fine though( Iam hoping we will grow out of this with time). After every ride when I step off she checks in by putting her face to my chest.

The TB gelding I sold would back up to you n matter where you were (tied/untied) and demand butt scratches. If you ignored him he would just lean into you.
Awww a kiss! that is funny. My horses aren't fond of kisses....
how does she wring her mouth? I have never heard of that so I can't visualize.
lol lipizanner leap!! That must make a very interesting show for the judges lol. and that is cute that she checks on you....
lol horses seem to love butt scritches! haw haw that seems like a training problem though to lean into you
Don't know if this would be considered a 'quirk', but it's sorta' handy. If I'm going to ride, as soon as I pick up our horse's bridle he starts yawning... Doesn't do it before or afterwards... It's very handy to be able to pop in his bit and not bang his teeth.
Wow! That is handy! I guess that he gets his mouth muscles limber... and helps put in the bit. I wonder if he doensn't like it clanking on his teeth and so opens his mouth.
my geldings quirks:
- chasing any moving thing, cats, chickens, cars, trucks, even if a truck drives by the pasture, he’ll be right beside it chasing it.
he’s very fond of golf carts, tractors and mowers, by far his favorite. But he only likes tractors if they’re moving, sitting still he is not a fan.

-getting into absolutely anything. like they say, curiosity kills the cat lol, his curiosity is not in his favor sometimes

- biting EVERYTHING! I don’t know what it is, if it’s a lunge whip, the mower, the pitch fork, me (yep we’re working on that)
Sometimes it’s helpful, once I had my hands full when walking him so I asked him to hold something and he very gently took it and then he gave it back once I asked for it, he’s like my little tool box, maybe I trust him too much, but he always knows the different between food or brush LOL.

- rubbing against you constantly or leaning his butt against you, he demands for scratchies.

- his top lip. When he’s excited, or even when I fuss at him, he drops his front lip extremely far, he already has an overbite so he kinda looks like an elephant when he’s doing it, I don’t know why, it’s something he does.
but when he’s bored he will just move his top lip around.

- sticking his tongue out whenever he drinks water, it’s just so cute!

that’s all I can think of right now!

I find this picture extremely funny, him trying to grab the pitchfork, I call this “baby whale” or “baby beaver”
When I see this picture I always say “no teef!?”
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lOl your horse sure is a character!! holding something for you! Sounds super handy if it isn't food... if it is down the hatch it goes!
awww I love that picture it is so funny.
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Skip unties anything and everything, or at least attempts it. He’s a serious escape artist if I’m not paying attention. He’s also kind enough to untie all his friends.

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lol you gotta tie him with an impossible knot!! that he can't untie
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that's interesting. How old is she?
She is 5 this year I have owned her since she was a year and a half
Do you have pics of her?
She's pretty! Is she a QH? her barrel seems to be long and thinner than most QH's, or maybe it is just the photo angle
I bet that when she is 7 or so she will be loads prettier!! Just curious, why in almost every pic she has this sort of cloth on her tail and her mane in strings/braids?
She has so much hair if I do not braid her mane it is knotted and or in the summer she sweats under it. Her tail, well simply put I am obsessive over nice tails so to keep them clean, neat and growing healthy looking they are kept in a tail bag.
I do love nice tails myself. But I don't have a tail bag or really want to put on on my horses, I don't think that I will show any of my current horses so.... You might try mane and tail detangler if her mane or tail gets tangled.
I can only write about Luna's at the moment becuase time and internet is limited, but Luna has this lovely quirk of looking at me or something " over her shoulder". I have a few pictures of this.
Horse Atmosphere Sky Plant Branch
Horse Head Eye Vertebrate Working animal

here is the start of one of the ' look over the shoulder look'.... She turns her neck and then ... the 2nd picture.
Horse Eye Plant Working animal Horse tack

Horse Eye Working animal Horse tack Plant

Bird Beak Ducks, geese and swans Waterfowl Terrestrial animal
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oooooppps that gander got his head stuck up in the wrong post lol
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For a second I thought you were testing us... That really made me laugh when that picture came up!
lol ok!! It is a hilarious pic though....
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More quirks of my horses:
Castillo... maybe not a very un-common quirk but he loves to bite and lay his ears back at cows that aren't behaving themselves to his standards 😆
he also has a habit of trying to kick or bite any horse that crowds him from behind or the side, snaking his neck out to nip if beside or being ponied or trying to kick them if behind him... I am trying to stop this but it is also funny if he doesn't do it too violently.
When he wants the bit, he opens his mouth and wobbles his upper lip to help it go in.

Comet: loves picking up a feed bucket and throwing it, or dropping it with a clatter. He pretty much sees a feed bucket, if there isn't any food in it he picks it up and holds it for a second then drops or throws it with a jerk of his neck.
hates blankets

Ginger: when she doesn't want to be caught she walks away, then p.ricks her ears and lowers her head for the halter like a good mare 😊 lol only sometimes..
the other horses I can't think of any very ' them' quirk.. lol it seems like only Comet and Luna have a very ' them' quirk the the other horses is more common 😁
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Oh I have a photo of Comet's bucket trick if I can find it....
Horse Working animal Liver Sorrel Sky

Ha! Found it! Took me a long time but here it is.... He also takes the bucket if I hold it up for him, he takes it, looks at me, then throws it like... GIMME FOOD
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@My Salty Pony thanks!! 😊😊
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