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I had an excellent time with my lovely lady today. I worked really hard on not coddling her and not be scared of what she might do.
I absolutely love her. She's so funny. When I start getting worried about her she gives me more and more reasons to be worried but when I get on with an attitude of "you better bet your bottom dollar we are GOING to do this whether you like it or not" she's so much more willing. She's just what I need.

We did a little free lunging with a little jump (she ADORES jumping, it's adorable, and she's super honest, if there's a jump in her path she won't even think of dodging it) and then I rode her around for about 45 minutes which is distinctly thirty minutes longer than I've ridden in quite a while. haha
I didn't get any pictures of her jumping but I'll probably let her jump some more, sometime soon, since I was reminded about how much she loves jumping.

Look who was on the correct lead! o_O I love her expression too. She looks SO happy.

Almost completely off the ground!

Incoming! That was the jump, on the left of the picture. Haha When I said tiny, I meant tiny. :lol:

I love how high she lifts that front leg when she trots. It's almost ridiculous. Also, note her closed eye. I find it really funny how many pictures I have of her with her eyes closed, while moving.

Yak poneh!!! "Can I come over to you? Can I?" And her tongue is sticking out...

Could she be furrier? Seriously.

And she's blanketed. This is not right. :lol:

"I'm coming!" I love it when she walks up to me. She's always very careful to come at me at an angle. She'll never walk exactly straight up to me. It's pretty cute and it feels so respectful! Haha

"Water!! My water."

"Definitely my water."

"Say what?? You're leaving me? But I NEED you! Can you at least come scratch my face some more?"

Miss Pig! She loves me. She pretty much hates everyone else but I figured out her secret: she loves to have her ears and belly scratched. So now whenever she sees me with Lacey, she'll come over and try to get me to scratch her. haha

Also, do y'all like my impromptu hair tie for Lacey's tail? haha I got to the barn and discovered that her tail was unbraided (I'm trying to grow it out because it was pretty short and not as beautiful as possible) and the only tying material that I could find was bailing twine. Haha

She's such a good girl. I'm not sure another horse would have put up with my princess fantasies for this long. haha

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Your girl is so pretty and an awesome mover!
OMG Piggy!! :D
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