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What did everyone get for Christmas, and what did you give others?
I got a charmayne james saddle pad, a book, a new bit, and some clothes and money. I got my sister half chaps, my brother the PBR game for wii, made my mom pajamas, and I made my dad a CD of some special songs we like plus we got him some paintball stuff. Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas regardless of the gifts!

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Well, I got...

450 euro
All kind of different skin- and bodycare products.
A candle
A scarf
A pair of socks
A bathrobe

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Hmm...I got a new pair of Tony Lama boots, a Hollister hoodie, Walmart gift card, Subway gift card, and a whole bunch of other random things :)

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I got a good bit of stuff... And am very thankful my dad and fiancee love me hehe

From my Fiancee:

A handmade bareback pad (Love it hehe)
A handmade rope halter for Winter ( Also love it lol)
A kodak easy share digital camera (REALLY love it)
Huge basket of bath stuff and Candles

From dad and mom:
A horse blanket
a pink throw blanket
An american flag saddle pad (Love it)
Leather halter with lead for Winter (Can't wait to try it on him hehe)
Leather bridle with green reins
(LOVE LOVE it lmao)

A tiny horse jewerly box.
two halmark figurines
a watch and matching bracelet
2010 wall calander (horses of course hehe)
2010 desk calander (again horses hehe)
Matching hat and glove set
manicure set
Candy (Like I need any lol)

My litttle brother and sister:
My brother got me a coloring set thing that has horses on it (he's 10 and picked it out hisself hehe)
And a little ring (so cute <3)
My sister got me an angel with my birthstone in it

My aunt came up and got me another horse blanket and $10.00

Haven't seen other family members yet so thats it hehe

They got me way to much but I do appreciate it and I hope all has a VERY Merry Christmas :)

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I got from my dad...
A watch
Cute bracelet
comfy slippers (that look like uggs)
and bag

From my aunt and uncle...
Bodyshop makeup :)

From my Best friend...
5 movies :) (I LOOOOVE movies! :D )

There's still (hopefully) presents waiting for me in Finland and I'll get them next week when I go back. :)

My biggest wish was for my money back (a little over 300 euros) that my mom borrowed from me and never gave back. Hopefully it will come true. I doubt it though. :(

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Okay here goes my list of stuff :)
33GB ipod touch
Harry potter 6 :D
ear phones
$75 worth of itune cards
LOTS of clothes
New shoes :D
New zebra muck boots/for me to use for when i have my own barn :D
New phone
Dear John
Lots of make up
Hair spray
lots of cute earings
2010 Horse calender
and a smaller one as well

I got more stuff to come from my moms side of the family :D
Hmm I wonder. :p

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my parents & grandparents bought me a little teeny tiny computer ! they surprized me with it after i got home from work =]

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From my mom and dad I got a long coat I wanted:

from my dad I got a car radio/cd player cus mine roke and there is a big hole where one is supposed to be :p (a sony Xplod):

from my mom I got a sapphire and diamond studded heart shaped necklace.

from my BF I wanted our portraits professionally taken together so we got a picture of each pose the photographer had us do.


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Okay my christmas wasnt as gift filled but that is fine :)

I got my brother this hockey book thing...
My dad i still havent gotten him anything lol.

I got from my auntie
$200 (i only spent $90 of it to buy indigo, and my dad owes me the rest because HE used it !)
Another $10

From my friend Kaylee and her mom
A New Jumping Saddle !

My brother gave me a new leadrope :)

My dad was part in the saddle thing also :)

From my grandma's friend
A Cherished Collectors teddie.
A Hat,Mitten and Scarft Set

Thats about it :)

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^^ my xmas wasn't as present filled either but I am happy with what I got as well :) mainly the atmosphere of everyone together having fun and being "merry" (lol) has made it a great christmas for me this year. :)


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Ok, so my Christmas was pretty good. I've had better but I can't complain!

Pre-Christmas gifts
We are not moving :)
A bunch of expensive vet visits and meds for my ferret
A few vet visits for my cat Milkshake

Christmas Gifts
Friends: (we are all poor 9th graders)
And getting something from my bestie when she gets back from Hawaii
Gift cards to Old Navy, Khols, and Wal-Mart
A $50 prepaid VISA card
Two necklace and bracelet sets
Pringles(don't know why..)
Wet food for my ferrets
New helmet!
Dove chocolate
Aunt and Uncle
Nail polish
Polish remover
Fake stick on nails
After-Christmas presents
Possibly a cruise with the family in the summer(will be in Scotland for my b-day!)
My cat's diabetes meds
Horse supplies

Thats all I can remember...

But there will be more tomorrow!

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I like the time spent with family and friends more than the presents, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy getting gifts!

I got...

A ring from my friend Ben.
Two shirts from my friend Casi.
A jacket from Casi's parents (like second parents to me).
A much needed shoulder bag from Casi's parents.
A DVD from my friend Cali.
New half chaps from my Mom and Dad.

And that's it!

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i got from my parents:
2 saddle pads
new stirrups
new brown breeches
bag of horse treats for the horse
leather CPR

boyfriend gave me:
really cute soft horsey throw blanket :)

and the woman who grooms my horse sometimes gave me a gift card to doversaddlery :)

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I had a good Christmas this year.
GPA Titium
Samsung 32" LCD tv
A cardigan, tank top, t shirt, and long sleeved shirt from Hollister
An american eagle cable knit sweater
Bare Minerals glittery eyeshadow from Sephora
A vest from my barn
Horse Calendars
$15 iTunes card
iPod case that I'm exchanging
Then other randoms that I forget.
Tomorrow I'm going to my family christmas thinger so I'll probably get some money that I'll put towards some new TS breeches.

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From my fiance- a sterling silver cross necklace with 3, 1/5 karat diamonds.
From my brother as a gag gift- a warehouse packaged box of 12 boxes of crackers. :lol:
From my mom and dad- a few books, cds, and a massive book about Mustangs(the horse of course) with full page color photos and full lineage.
From my grandparents- a Kodak Easyshare Z915, 10mp, with 10x optical's a professional camera. =D
From some of our family friends- a massive box of Russel Stover chocolates.
All in all it was an awesome Christmas. =)

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I got some really cool stuff this year that I'm super excited about (usually I end up getting stuff that I'll never use and then I feel bad because I never use it, yknow?). I also gave some cool stuff that I'm pretty excited about.

My brother and I got our dad a remote control plane (he's been hinting after one for quite awhile)
I gave my mom a really nice vegan cookbook (she's very allergic to A LOT of stuff and vegan cooking is the only type of cooking she doesn't have to worry about eating)
I gave my brother a really neat leather dinosaur keychain and a flannel/fleece coat thingy
My brother, my dad and I gave my mom a really nice Columbia Sportswear coat

I got:
one of those inside-less books (the kind that looks normal until you open it) from my brother (he MADE it o_O) Now I have somewhere to sneakily hide all sorts of sneaky stuff. haha
a green paisley pillow case from my mom
everything I need to make myself a new purse/bag from my mom. It's gonna be turquoise pleather on the outside and a green patterned fabric on the inside. I'm VERY excited about this.
a new memoryfoam mattress (I've had the same old mattress ever since I've been sleeping in a big person bed, so about 15 years) from both parents
a mix cd from my brother (hidden inside the book)
a book from my dad
$100 from my dad
2 pairs of earrings from my dad
a really nice plaid seatbelt belt from my mom
a nightshirt from my little old lady neighbor (hahaha, it's not the height of fashion, but I'll be warm)

I feel like I'm forgetting stuff, but I think that's it.
I haven't gotten my presents from the rest of my family yet. I'm assuming that it'll just be something like $200 since that's what I always get from them.

It was a great Christmas! Mostly because we all got along and we had a great day, but the presents were great too. haha

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I gave:
My bf - 2 video games and the Wii Zapper,
His parents - Sake set, Wine
His Sisters - gift cards
My mom - Books on tape
Stepdad - Cookbook
My housemate - Coffee Maker

I got
2 pairs of Wellingtons
1 pair of Millers Breeches
1 show shirt
Absolute Sandman
Amigo Boot Bag
Amigo Helmet Bag
Amigo Garment Bag
a Dior necklace
lots of socks
Books, the latest Harry Potter on DVD

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I got
2 Roma saddle pads{maroon and cream}
2 horse signs{1 says cowgirl, the other says Horse Lovers Welcome}
a giant horse wall mural
2 Hedley cd's
Heartland season 1 part 2{i have part 1}
horse lovers book{chicken soup}{i already have it but my cousin picked it out, she's 10 so...}
Romeo + Juliet{with leonardo dicaprio!}
horse picture drawn by Bernie Brown
a vampire book{not twilight :)}
soft soft sweater

I think thats it!

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a vampire book{not twilight :)}
haha! I LOVE how you specified that it wasn't twilight! It seems like it has completely started a crazy vampire trend :p (me, I have never read the books ;) )


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Okay well..
From my family:
Mom - Black and lime green handknitted wool socks :D. A RED Carhartt jacket. A quilt she's been working on for me since I was 10. 2 new piercings.
Brother - Candyyy. :D
Sister - Four leaf clover necklace.
Dad - Not sure yet. That's today. :lol:

Boyfriend's family:
His mom and dad - A cami and sweater (cute!). An earflap hat!
His sister - "Horse-a-Day" 2010 calander, comes with a horse figure.
Boyfriend - Gold necklace. =)

My extended family:
$25 anywhere gift card
$20 cash
Money in my college fund

Yepp. That's it. =)
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