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Your to do list!

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Hey I just wanted to see everyones to do's for the next few months(training,buying,selling,health,etc.) Mine are(for Champ)
*Get his shots
*Get a new saddle
*Join WCRA
*Get him more in shape for reining
*Trim and shoe him
All I can think of for now. Its your turn!:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
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-buy a new saddle
-get Ice back into nice riding condition (lots of trotting!)
-get his hooves trimmed (just had them done, but 6 weeks goes by fast!)
-see if i can save up money over spring break for more training/lessons
-possibly buy an english saddle? (see below)
-more than likely it will become getting his teeth floated and vaccs done.

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Mine's not overly horsey at this stage. Horses are a little on the backburner because i'm so busy with other aspects of life at present.

- Get my uni timetables completed and printed
- Buy new text books
- Complete my current commission drawing and get started on the next before the end of the week (I have a whopping 13 commissions on the waiting list at the moment :S)
- Put away some more money to put towards a house deposit
- Get my room and study organised for uni starting again. I also need a better system of storing my completed and in progress works while i await payment so need to get some sort of shelving underway
- Go through all my horse gear and work out what I can sell (I have far too much and most i KNOW I won't need)
- Check over the paddock fences again, my usual routine after one horse has left and I start the hunt for another
- Find my boyfriend a birthday present :O

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Horse wise:
-solidifying/tweaking the canter gait
-continue to break in the jumping saddle on the flat to prepare for jumping this summer
-start jumping this summer
-desensitize him to trails and dressage show arenas
-sharpen transitions
-get a more supple and controlled gait with more consistent contact
-better groundwork manners, be more relaxed and quiet in hand
-clinic with Henrik and preparation for the clinic in March (more clinics to follow most likely)
-getting used to a bareback pad
-possibly a few small schooling shows, some I will go to only for exposure and not to compete
-horse should master Training Level by end of the year and be starting First (if things go according to plan)
-horse is a happy work partner and healthy, satisfied with his routine

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- yearly vet checkup
- trotting away the growing grass belly
- work on spinning and slide stops
- work on head collection
- horse shows
- working on our spanish walk =3
- get a new curb bit
- get some nylon reins and save leather for shows.

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1. Get teeth floated
2. Spring shots
3. Cutting and penning training
4. Show circuit schedule
5. reshoe
6. Purchase a used billy cook saddle in later summer
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