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9 month old Georgian Grande

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Just because I am curious what others have to say, and a bit bored... Go ahead and dissect this guy and tear my barn blinders off!

His info: 9 months old (yeah, I know... Foals aren't easy... And some things may change, But give it a whirl!), about 14 something hands. Saddlebred sire, Clydesdale dam. He will be gelded as soon as we get some weather that isn't so wet.

This was his first time being asked to "set up" and still a bit of a work in progress.

... I do have a hind shot somewhere... Can't find it right now so we'll go with what I've got for now.
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He can come vist Nova Scotia! Wish I could afford a horse like that. So hard to find a horse I fit for once, the adventures of being all legs and tall upper body. Might be a bit tall for sidesaddle though by the time he's 6, skip the step stool I would need a ladder.
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